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Final Exam Conflict

I have three finals scheduled for the same day! How do I get them rescheduled?

If you have three or more final exams scheduled for the same day, you may request that your instructors reschedule one so that you have no more than two in one day. However, keep in mind that your instructors are not obligated to grant your request. According to Student Rule 8.4:

In those instances where a student is scheduled for three final examinations in one day, the student may request to reschedule one of the exams. The procedure and associated form for this request are available at the Undergraduate Studies web site. The student must initiate the request(s) no later than ten workdays before the first day of TAMU final exams. The same procedure, form and deadline applies to Blinn TEAM students and students enrolled in other co-enrollment programs where final examinations between institutions conflict.

What is the process for requesting rescheduling?

If you wish to request that your instructors reschedule a final exam, this form (Rule 8: Rescheduling a Final Exam) will help.

  1. Complete the form identifying the three courses and scheduled exams that occur on one day.
  2. Contact the dean’s delegate in your dean's office to have your schedule validated and to get the form signed.
  3. Send a copy of the signed form to your instructors and work with them to reschedule one of the exams.
  4. If you are unable to reach consensus with your instructors, contact the dean's delegate in your dean’s office for assistance.

What if I need to reschedule for another reason besides having three or more finals in one day?

Rescheduling for any reason other than a three-in-one day conflict must to be worked out with your instructor.

What if I need to reschedule exams during the semester?

Student Rule 8.4 pertains only to final exam conflicts. If you have conflicts during the semester, you can speak to your instructors, but your best strategy is to plan your study time well. You can get help with that from an academic coach at the Academic Success Center.

How do I find the dean's delegate for my dean's office?

To find the dean's delegate for your dean's office, ask your academic advisor. If you know your college, use the chart below.
College Undergraduate Delegate Email Location/Bldg   Room Phone  
Agriculture & Life Sciences Kelly Essler AG & Life Sciences Bldg.   515 979-847-6180  
  Mary Bryk AG & Life Sciences Bldg.   515 979-847-6180  
Architecture Leslie Feigenbaum Langford Arch. Center   202 979-845-7886  
Mays Business School Dr. Linda M. Windle Wehner Bldg.   238 979-862-3872  
  Peter K. Drysdale Wehner Bldg.   238 979-862-3862  
  Dr. Annie McGowan Wehner Bldg.   240 979-845-4711  
Dentistry Leigh Ann Wyatt 3302 Gaston Ave., Dallas     214-828-8340  
Education & Human Development Chris Cherry Heaton Bldg.   112B 979-458-3560  
  Kristy Anderson Heaton Bldg.   112A 979-458-3560  
Engineering Angie Hill-Price Zachary Bldg.   530 979-862-3242  
  Bonnie Bustos-Rios Zachary Bldg.   481 979-458-9263  
  Mark Weichold Zachary Bldg.   530 979-862-8869  
Geosciences Christian Brannstrom Eller O&M Bldg.   202 979-845-3651  
Liberal Arts Steven Oberhelman Coke Bldg.   202 979-845-5143  
Nursing Sharon Dormire HSC Campus/HPEB   3008 979-436-0188  
  Kathryn McCallum HSC Campus/HPEB   3016 979-436-0121  
Public Health Donald J. Curtis, Jr. SPH Admin. Bldg.   117/120 979-436-9403  
Science Lucas Macri Blocker Bldg.   514 979-845-7362  
  Yvette Hester Blocker Bldg.   514 979-845-7362  
  Sara Thigpin Blocker Bldg.   514 979-845-7362  
Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Elizabeth Crouch Vet. Med. Bldg 2   123 979-845-4941  
  Henry Huebner Vet. Med. Bldg 2   123 979-845-4941  
Transition Academic Programs  Dr. Arthur Watson Hotard Hall   3rd floor 979-846-5916  
  Dr. Russ Graves Hotard Hall   3rd floor
  Dr. Karl Mooney Hotard Hall   3rd floor
LAUNCH Jon Kotinek (Honors) Henderson Hall   222 979-845-6333  
  Laura Wimberley
(Learning Communities) Henderson Hall   207 979-862-1556  
  Sarah Misemer
(Undergrad. Research) Henderson Hall   212 979-845-0309  
TAMU-Galveston Dr. Donna C. Lang Galveston; Bldg 3034   suite 409B 409-740-4419  



What if I need more help or information?

If you have questions about filling in the form, contact Amanda Booth, Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Studies. if you need additional help, contact the Undergraduate Studies Ombuds, Dr. Valerie Balester, at