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Calculate Grade Point Deficit

Student Rule 12 Section 12.1.4 states that you can be blocked from your major or suspended from the university, if you are “not meeting college and/or major course of study grade point requirements.”  If you have been placed on probation or blocked from your major, you will need to know what grades you will have in specific courses to reverse the situation.  If you have been suspended from the university, knowing your grade point deficit gives you an idea of how far (or close) you are to completing a degree.

Your academic advisor can help you figure out your grade point deficit, and you definitely should consult your academic advisor when figuring out how to improve the deficit. You also can DIY figuring out the deficit. 

To understand the grade point deficient, you first need to understand what grade points are. Grade points are one way to indicate your academic standing and progress. Every course is allotted grade points, and your GPA (grade point average) is determined by adding the grade points earned for each course and dividing by the total of hours taken.

Grade points for a particular course are calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours for that course by the numerical value assigned to the grade for that course (according to the 4.0 grade scale, below). Pass/fail courses (S/U) count in credit hours, but earn no grade points.
A – 4 points/hour
B – 3 points/hour
C – 2 points/hour
D – 1 point/hour
F – 0 point/hour
Course Credit Hours Grade Grade points/hour Grade points
BIOL 111 4 A 4 16
HIST 105 3 C 2 6
KINE 199 1 S --- ---
MATH 140 3 D 1 3
ENGL 104 3 F 0 0
Total 14     25
25 Grade Pts/14 Credit Hours = 1.78 GPA

The grade point deficit is how many grade points you lack toward completing your degree with the minimum required 2.0 GPA. So, if your grade point deficit is -3, you need to pass three credit hours at a high enough grade to improve your grade point average to an acceptable level.
The number line below will help you figure out your grade point deficit.

                                                 F          D        C          B          A

A – 2 points/hour
B – 1 points/hour
C – 0 points/hour
D – -1 point/hour
F – -2 point/hour
To calculate the grade point deficit for a course, multiply the number line weight for the letter grade (for example, for a grade of D, select -1) by the number of credit hours for the course (for example, 3 credits). Do this for all your courses, then add up all the grade deficit for each course to get the total deficit. In the example above, the student with a 1.78 GPA has a grade point deficit of -3, as shown below.

Course Credit Hours Grade Grade Deficit
(Number line)
Grade deficit/course  
BIOL 111 4 C 0 0  
HIST 105 3 A 2 +6  
KINE 199 3 S --- 0  
MATH 140 3 D -1 -3  
ENGL 104 3 F -2 -6  
Total 14     -3  
If the total is a negative number, you are not in good academic standing.
+ total = good standing
- total = probation or removal from major or university-level suspension
To improve that deficit and get a positive total, you would need to make at least a B (+1) in a 3-credit course, as well as C’s in other courses.

Bottom line, if you are in a bad situation, the most important step you can take is a visit with your academic advisor.