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Academic Appeals

How do I appeal a grade, dismissal from a college or major, university-level academic suspension, or determination of absence?

As noted in Student Rule 57, the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel (UAAP) exists as a final resort for undergraduates who have already appealed academic decisions though the proper channels (the instructor, department, and college where the course is taught) and who have not received a fair or adequate hearing. It is not to be used if you simply disagree with the decision made by the instructor, department, or college.

These videos will explain academic appeals and how to prepare for them.

To lodge an appeal, gather documentation to substantiate claims of an arbitrary, capricious, or prejudiced decision by the department or college. The Panel does not hear appeals involving academic integrity. Those are referred to the Aggie Honor System Office. If your appeal is based on academic discrimination of a protected class (for example based on race or disability), your appeal must be handled differently. Contact the Department of Civil Rights and Equity Investigations.

You may appeal for the following reasons:

  1. a dispute over a final grade 
  2. a dispute over an unauthorized absence determination 
  3. a dispute over a dismissal for scholastic deficiency from a major or from a college or for academic suspension at the university level

What Is the appeals process?

If you believe you are eligible to file an appeal at the university level, contact the Ombuds Office in Undergraduate Studies, read Student Rule 57, and complete "Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel Request for a Hearing."  You cannot appeal at the university level until you have appealed to your instructor, the department head in charge of the course, and the Office of the Dean in charge of the course. The Ombuds will help you with the form, and explain the appeals process.

If you decide to pursue an appeal, the Ombuds will contact the Chair of the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel (UAAP), who will conduct a preliminary review of the grievance and interview you, and then, if appropriate, request that the Ombuds schedule a hearing. The Ombuds will ensure that all parties have the opportunity to review any documentation related to the hearing.

The UAAP considers the facts presented by all parties involved and then makes a decision in closed session. The Chair informs the student of the decision immediately following the hearing. The Panel’s decision is forwarded to the Vice Provost for Stuent Success with copies to the Vice President for Faculty Affairs, the student, and the faculty member or college administrator involved in the hearing.

Who decides my appeal?

The Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel  includes the chair, three faculty members, and two undergraduate students. These are selected for each case from a panel of up to 30 faculty, students, and chairs who have been trained for their specific roles. Chairs are appointed from Associate Deans through the Academic Operations Committee. Faculty are appointed by the  Vice President for Faculty Affairs, in consultation with the Faculty Senate. Students are appointed by the Student Government Association or recruited through Associate Deans.

Where can I get more information about academic appeals?

Direct questions regarding appeals to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Valerie Balester, at 979-862-6422 or at You can also get information about the process from the Undergraduate Studies YouTube videos.