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Add/Update an Existing Change of Curriculum Form

Undergraduate Studies houses the public information about the requirements each college sets for curriculum changes. It is helpful for students to be able to research the requirements before making a decision about changing their curriculum. The PDFs housed on this website feed directly into the Howdy portlet so that students can access the information easily while submitting change of major request online. 

How to Add/Update an Existing Change of Curriculum Form

If your college is adding a new curriculum or needs to update the requirements of an existing curriculum, please download and complete the Change of Curriculum Form and email it to Anna Lister at We will add the updated PDF to the website as soon as possible.

Important Requirements

*If you need to update information for more than one major/track, please complete a separate form for each curriculum even if the information is the same for all forms. The Howdy portlet pulls information from this website and needs separate forms for each curriculum in order for the system to work. 

*Only the digital Change of Curriculum Form housed on this website will be accepted as the document has been made accessible for screen readers. Please DO NOT submit a Word document.