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Selection Criteria

Every semester, three groups of students are considered for induction into Phi Beta Kappa by Texas A&M members-in-residence (faculty and staff): graduating seniors, non-graduating seniors, and juniors, and students graduating with a Ph.D. The criteria used in selecting candidates are based on guidelines provided by the national Phi Beta Kappa Society as specified in the Stipulations Concerning Eligibility for Membership in Course and in the Feb. 1, 2011, Revised Stipulations.

The Texas A&M chapter Members-in-Course Committee has adopted specific criteria for implementing those stipulations. In any one semester, these specific criteria can be adapted to ensure that the chapter does not elect more members than it is allowed.

Selection Criteria for Texas A&M Undergraduate Students

Acceptable courses listed are for illustration purposes only. The Members-in-Course Committee will evaluate each candidate's record individually.
  • at least 90 semester hours of courses designated as Arts & Science courses—including all transfer, advanced placement, credit-by-exam, CLEP, SAT II, International Baccalaureate (IB), or TRNS courses accepted by the University for credit
  • at least 72 hours of A&M credit coursework (at least 54 of which are graded) in Arts & Science courses
  • Proficiency in a second or non-native language equivalent to completion of 14 hours of college-level courses in the same foreign language. Such proficiency may be shown by coursework at Texas A&M, and/or transfer credit and/or placement testing. Sign language does not count as a foreign language.
  • For graduating seniors: a GPA of 3.70 or greater in Arts & Science courses; in some semesters, this is 3.75
  • For non-graduating seniors and juniors: a GPA of 3.90 or greater in Arts &Science courses; in some semesters, this is higher