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Academic Appeals

Faculty should be familiar with Student Rule 57 that details the guidelines, procedures, and instructions for students who have a grievance about an academic issue. Student Rule 57 requires students begin a grievance with the instructor, then, if it is not resolved, at the department and college level.

The Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel (UAAP) exists as a final resort for undergraduate students who have gone through the proper channels but who still have not received an adequate or fair hearing.

The UAAP hears appeals involving the following:

  1. University-level academic suspensions (
  2. Dismissals for a major or college for scholastic deficiency (
  3. Disputes over an unauthorized absence determination (
  4. Disputes over a final course grade (

To pursue an appeal, students must contact the Ombuds Office in Undergraduate Studies. The Ombuds will advise them and guide them through the process.  If a student decides to pursue an appeal, the Ombuds will contact the Chair of the UAAP, who will conduct a preliminary review of the grievance, and then, if appropriate, request that the Ombuds schedule a hearing. The Ombuds will ensure that all parties have the opportunity to review any documentation related to the hearing.

The UAAP considers the facts presented by all parties involved and then makes a decision in closed session. The Chair informs all parties involved of the decision immediately following the hearing. The decision is forwarded to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies with copies to the Dean of Faculties, the student, and the faculty member or college administrator involved in the hearing.

The UAAP includes the chair, three faculty members, and two undergraduate students. These are selected for each hearing from a panel of up to 30 faculty, students, and chairs who have been trained for their specific roles. Chairs are Associate Deans appointed through the Academic Operations Committee. Faculty are appointed by the Dean of Faculties, in consultation with the Faculty Senate. Students are appointed by the Student Government Association or recruited through Associate Deans.

Faculty members who have an interest in serving on this University Committee should contact the Dean of Faculties Office at (979) 845-4274 or via e-mail at 

For more information on the appeals process, contact Dr. Valerie Balester, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies, at 979-458-1420 or at