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If you plan to change majors, you must make a request to the academic college, department, or major you want to transfer into by submitting a change of major request form. Departments have different policies and requirements (i.e. maximum amount of hours, GPA requirements or course requirements) needing to be completed before accepting applicants. It is essential to review the requirements listed before submitting a change of major request. You can search for Change of Major forms below or click on the college links listed underneath the search box. 

Application Deadlines

Eligible students will be allowed to initiate a change of curriculum request starting ten business days after final grades post and ending on the 20th day of the semester. Student must be notified of a decision regarding their change of curriculum request on or before ten business days after posting of final grades. The curriculum change will be effective for the next academic term (per Texas A&M University Student Rule 5 Change of Curriculum).


Information is updated annually or as notified.  Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to verify all academic requirements with the department’s website or advisor.  Students are responsible for meeting the terms of the major specific requirements for admission if students are in provisional programs (I.E. Gateway, Blinn-TEAM, Engineering Academies).

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