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FAQs about Change of Curriculum in Howdy

Last updated 9/18/20

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about how phase one of the new Change of Curriculum process works in Howdy, which was launched on Jun 10, 2020. 

Your department’s Primary Authorized Agent (PAA) should contact EIS and submit a request to add you to the group G_REGI_STU_CURRICULUM_UPDATE. The PAA should also check to make sure you have an individual appointment in SIAINST for your department; if not, EIS can fulfill that request as well.

Once a request is approved, Banner will automatically update their curriculum and the student will be notified of the approval. Students are allowed to submit up to two requests at one time. Should a student submit two requests and only one is approved, Banner is automatically updated and the student is notified to cancel their pending request—pending requests are NOT deleted automatically. If both requests are approved, Banner will automatically update their curriculum to the most recent request approval.

Minors are carried forward, unless they choose to switch their minor to their major. In that case, that minor is removed when the request is approved. Double majors aren’t allowed in the system and will have to work with the college directly if they want to make changes.

Selecting “Make me the Reviewer” let’s other people know you are working on that change of major request. It avoids confusion for the other people in your department who may also be viewing these requests. While multiple people in your department can approve or deny, only one reviewer’s name will appear for each request. Clicking this button is optional and will not prevent you from approving or denying. You can remove yourself as the reviewer by clicking the red “x” next to your name.

No, the emails notifying students of submission, approval, and denial cannot be customized.  However, you have the option to email the student before approving or denying a request if you wish to give them more information or ask a question.

Students may want to browse other major requirements before making a decision about which major to change to.

Department users will see any students who have applied to a program within the user’s department as designated on SIAINST.  College Dean users will see any students who have applied to a program within the user’s college as designated on SIAINST as the Home college.
For example, if you advise students in both Construction Science (COSC)  and Architecture (ARCH) and you have been added to SIAINST for both departments, you will see all change of major requests for students applying to the COSC and ARCH programs. If you only advise COSC students and have been added to SIAINST for that department, you will only see requests for students applying to COSC. 

There is an export option for both CSV and Excel file formats. Right click anywhere on the grid and a pop-up menu will appear. The last option in the menu is for exporting and contains a submenu with separate CSV and Excel options.

Yes, students are allowed to change campuses using this process.

As of the phase 1 launched on June 10, 2020, there is no option to customize the application process for each college. However, we are looking at options to include a link to an external application as needed for future phases.

No, a student can only request to move into an upper-level. No lower-level options are available in this system.

Currently, only students can see a history of actions related to submitted requests. We are working on implementing this feature for reviewers in phase 2.

Yes, students can select different degree tracks within the major. If the degree tracks have different requirements within the major, those specific requirements will be shown in the Change of Major PDF form displayed in the request system.

Students are not permitted to appeal a decision; however, they may re-apply to a program if they have been denied. Students can reapply in the same term they were denied.

No, advisors may process change of curriculum directly in Compass if desired.

Student must re-apply and a request cannot be approved after it has been archived.


You may email the student the suggestion and if they agree they can submit another request.

No, the system does not automatically check any degree requirements. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to confirm that a student meets the requirements before approving or denying.

Currently, the essay response is optional only. We are working on implementing a feature to make the essay required for phase 2. We suggest the reviewer notifies the student of the missing essay and wait until the student sends it to them before approving or denying. OR, the reviewer could just outright deny the request and email the student the reason why and encourage them to resubmit a new request with the essay included.

Departments can work with the Undergraduate Studies office to ensure that the PDF displayed in Howdy has the correct requirements. You can see a list of the change of curriculum forms on the Undergraduate Studies website. If you notice errors on the “Change of Curriculum Information Sheet” or a form is missing, please read the instructions on how to update the information and who to contact. 

TAP office is emailed for each Blinn TEAM student submission.  It will be up to the reviewers and TAP to work together to determine the final decision. For Blinn TEAM students only, total GPA hours, total quality points, and transfer GPA will be displayed in the “Additional Details” window. Reviewers should check with TAP to determine if the Blinn TEAM student has met the terms of their TEAM contract.

The GPA displayed is at the time of the request.  It will not update in the system after the term is over.


The catalog term is determined by the student’s current catalogue term plus the designated campus digit if they are requesting to switch campuses. It can be changed if needed, but must be 1) a fall term code and 2) a valid catalog for the program they are requesting.

Undergraduate students who have completed at least one term of full admission and enrollment at Texas A&M University may initiate a curriculum change starting ten (10) business days following posting of final grades of the previous semester and ending on the twentieth (20th) class day of the current semester per the academic calendar (see Student Rule 5). Reviewers have until the first day grades are due for the term to make the decision. The system does not send reminders about deadlines to either students or reviewers.

Questions or Technical Issues?

If you or a student are having technical issues with the Change of Curriculum system in Howdy, please send an email to with a description of the problem. A ticket will be generated and forwarded to EIS for resolution. 

Other questions about this system can be sent to