Texas A&M University
Cumulative GPA and GPD calculator

  • Type the number of credit hours and the letter grade you have earned for each class, and click the "Calculate" button. This converts your letter grade to grade points
  • Then, move down to the "NEW" form and type in the values for your PRIOR Cumulative GPA, the number of credit hours that cumulative GPA represents, and click the "My New Cumulative GPA!" button.


Number of Credits Letter Grade Points
Total Number of Credits GPA for this semester Grade Point Variance
Type in the total number of credits you've earned so far, then type the last Cumulative GPA you had for those credit hours.
Credit Hours before this semester Cumulative GPA Your current CGPA
If you fall below satisfactory academic standing, you can use this form to estimate the GPA for your future semester/s which will get you back to good academic standing.