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Change of Major

Can I change my major?

Students who apply to Texas A&M University must commit to a major at the time of application. If you decide another major is a better match, we highly recommend you make the change during your second or third semester. Those who change majors later often extend their time to graduation by one or two semesters.

If you plan to change majors, you must make a request to the academic college, department, or major you want to transfer into. Because departments have different policies and requirements for accepting new majors, it’s essential that you do some investigation before you decide. Some of these policies can be found at Change of Major Requirements.

For example, most departments require that you be in good academic standing overall and in good academic standing in courses that are essential for making further progress in the selected new major. Departments that have limited spaces available for their majors may enforce very competitive requirements regarding overall GPA, GPA in essential courses for the major, and hours completed. Some departments may have one window each semester with deadlines for applying to change majors. Other departments will not approve changes of major for students who have exceeded a certain number of hours (an "hour cap").

How do I change my major?

First, check on deadlines and processes for each major, since these differ across departments and programs. A handout you may find useful is available at Change of Major Requirements.

Next, visit with an academic advisor  for the program you want to transfer into. Before the visit, go to the Registrar’s website and print out an Undergraduate Change of Curriculum Request form. Complete this form and take it with you when you visit the advisor.

What if I can't decide on a major?

If you are uncertain about selecting a major, Texas A&M has resources to help you.