Academic Appeals

As noted in Student Rule 57, the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel exists as a final resort for undergraduates who have already appealed academic decisions though the proper channels. To lodge an appeal, you must gather documentation to substantiate claims of an arbitrary, capricious, or prejudiced decision by the department and college. The Panel does not hear cases involving academic integrity. Those are referred to the Aggie Honor System Office.

You may appeal for the following reasons:
  1. a dispute over a final grade (
  2. a dispute over an unauthorized absence determination (
  3. a dispute over a dismissal or suspension from a major, from a college, or from the university for scholastic deficiency (
If you believe you are eligible to file an appeal read Student Rule 57 and complete "Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel Request for a Hearing."  Dr. Valerie Balester, at, will guide you through the appeals process.  

Membership of the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel includes the chair, three faculty members, and  two undergraduate students. The Panel membership rotates to ensure that enough members are always available. The Panel will consider the facts presented by all parties involved and then make a decision in closed session. The Chair will inform the student of the decision immediately following the hearing.

Direct questions regarding appeals to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Valerie Balester, at 458-1455 or at

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