Reporting Assessment

Texas A&M University is committed to quality improvement of academic support services and uses assessment as one means to gauge both the need for improvement and the outcome of efforts to improve our programs and services.  WEAVEonline is a central repository for assessment information; it is not the assessment.

Assessment of academic advising can be part of college-level or department-level assessment.  Assessing at the college or department level will determine the placement of assessment of academic advising in WEAVEonline.  The decision on how to manage assessment of advising and, therefore, where to place the assessment information in WEAVEonline, usually comes from the Associate Dean of the college.  You should discuss placing assessment of advising in WEAVEonline with your Associate Dean.

The Office of Institutional Assessment provides support and resources for assessment and for the use of WEAVEonline.  This office offers training on assessment practices.  In addition, they are responsible for giving access to WEAVEonline and user training. 

Undergraduate Studies has created a template for including assessment of academic advising in WEAVEonline.  

weaveONLINE Template for Assessment of Academic Advising

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